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Mine v3.1 (04/10/2003):

Hey, this screenshot isn't that old...

IText v1.2 (14/09/2003)

Hey, this screenshot isn't that old...

	Here is my first C utility on a calculator! Originally, I wrote it since I needed a soft able to show the first three lines of each file in a quick browser.
	As I didn't find something that fit what I nedeed, I decided to write it myself.
	Furthermore, I added a page indicator which seems to be rather useful. You can also select the font you want (small, regular or large) by just pressing a key :)
	Otherwise, it's a classic viewer, with of course a search tool (case sensitive by default)


  Everything is explained in the help window, so just press APPS while it's running!


	v1.1f : First release. It's stable -> wow!

	v1.2 : Word-Wrap implemented. It turns to be optional. Same thing for the "case sensitive" search.


   I need some feedbacks about the V200 compatibility! (It should be working just the same as on the 92+, but one never knows!)
   Source code inclued, although it's not that good and a bit (errr...) messy.

If you want to contact me for anything, feel free to send me an e-mail -> itmfr AT yahoo DOT fr
My website : http://iteme.free.fr (I'll try to make a TI section)

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