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       Hi! This is strange, but I never thought the idea would get into my head that I should make such a game one day...
       However, I thought about a new concept, because the original one was VERY primitive. So, I had an idea: why not make the AI unbeatable? It should be funny to play as long as possible against him! So, I decided to create Pong.
       So, the goal is REALLY easy, just try not to lose the ball! A lot of people told me they couldn't play this game because it was too difficult. I don't think so. At the beginning, I couldn't score higher then 40 either. But after some practice, I really got better at it.  Have a look on the high score table, you'll see ;)
       If you're proud of all the high scores you get, don't hesitate to send me the file "scores.sco" and I'll add your entries to game's distribution package!
       Oh, another thing: the AI isn't cheating at all! It just manages to anticipate everything and to add some effects on the ball.   


      Why TPong MINI? Well, I once tried to set Tpong in 320*240 in order to see how fast it is. I was very amazed since the game was really great fun like that! So I decided to release a special version... In fact, I've just changed some things. Indeed most of the changes I've made are cosmetic ones. I also reduced the high score table to 5 entries instead of 10.
      Be careful : Regular mode is far harder than before... I don't even mention "Hard" and "Unlimited speed" mode, they're both nearly unplayable!!
      Here is the result, lemme me know what you think about it :)


    TPONG V5.2 (01/07/2004):

    TPONG MINI V1.1 (20/09/2003):